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Brokers Looking to set up your first account, switch from a full-service broker or evaluate your current broker? Raising a Millionaire can help you choose and use a broker, compare notes with others, and even get started investing online.

Why Do I Need a Broker? - If you want to secure your future, a discount broker is an essential tool.

Ten Ways to Size up a Broker - Simple measures to see how your potential broker stacks up.

Broker Comparison - See how different brokers compare when it comes to the important items.

How To Invest $20, $100 & $1,000+ - Cost-effective ways to invest however much money you can spare.

How to invest small amounts of money every month? - Some folks think this is a great way to avoid volatility in the market because their investment "averages out" over time.

What are the different types of orders? - It is easy to be confused by all the types of orders you may have heard about. So here is a quick guided tour.

Broker Questions and Answers
Concise answers to your most common questions about both opening and managing a broker account.

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