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Raising A Millionaire: Quote of the Week

"When you have given nothing, ask for nothing."

  -Albanian Proverb

Raising A Millionaire: Article of the Week
What is a Customer?
One of the challenges all businesses have in common is getting and keeping customers. Customers, customers, customers! Everybody's talking about them. So why is customer service still difficult for most organizations? And why do employees still get intimidated and feel stress when dealing with customers despite this customer service consciousness and all the books, programs and training on the subject? To answer this question we must first challenge our existing notion of what a "customer" is. Just what is a customer? Definition: A customer is any person I have reason to deal with on a professional level and with whom I must initiate and/or maintain a relationship.

Read the definition again and think about it for a minute and what it implies. In other words, a customer is anyone who can positively or negatively impact your performance on any given day. Doesn't this definition change or at least expand the traditional way that most of us have thought about the term "customer"? One of the obstacles to providing exemplary customer service is a misunderstanding of who our customers really are. There are two types of customers that we deal with on a professional level: internal and external customers. Internal customers (your coworkers) are every bit as important as external customers. World class customer service takes teamwork. You cannot effectively service your external customers without the help and expertise of the people you work with. You need to treat your coworkers with the same respect and attention that you would someone from the outside of the organization. Mutual respect, doing things that aren't in your "job description," and cheerfully accepting responsibility all contribute to team energy and efficiency - critical elements of teamwork that result in delighted external customers.
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