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Raising A Millionaire: Quote of the Week

"It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny."

  -Jean Nidetch

Raising A Millionaire: Article of the Week
Help Your Kids Become Millionaires
We all want better lives for our children. So I'm going to let you in on something that can help you get them started on the path to success. If you invest just $30 a month -- about a dollar a day -- for each child, you can help your kids become millionaires. There's no magic involved. It's just what happens when you let money compound in the stock market over decades. At a 10% annual return, about the market's historical average, it will take about 56 1/2 years to get there, but it can be done.

While you may think $30 would be too small to be useful, there are several companies that actively welcome your investing dollars, even at that level. They're part of a group of shareholder-friendly businesses that offer something called a Drip: dividend reinvestment plan. You may need to buy a full share or make a larger deposit to get started, but once you're in the plan, they often let you make small contributions for low -- or even no -- fees. In fact, the companies listed below will both accept your ongoing contributions and reinvest your dividends at no charge to you.

Company Initial Enrollment Minimum Optional Contribution
3M (NYSE: MMM) 1 share of stock $10
Abbott Labs (NYSE: ABT) 1 share of stock $10
American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP) 1 share of stock or $250 + $10 initiation fee $25
Ball (NYSE: BLL) 1 share of stock $25
Colonial Properties Trust (NYSE: CLP) 1 share of stock or $200 $25
Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW) 1 share of stock $25
General Mills (NYSE: GIS) 1 share of stock $10

The big benefit to your children, though, isn't the $30 a month, or even the million dollars at the end of the endeavor. It's the lifestyle, attitude, and financial know-how that come from being able to make that small, regular contribution in the first place. To invest money properly, the rest of your financial life needs to be in order. The bills need to be paid, the bad debts (like high-interest credit cards) need to be eliminated, and any other expenses need to be under control. Most important, though, you have to make saving and investing that money a priority in your life.

Improve your family's financial future
In truth, there will always be demands on your money. Once you have the basics like food, medicine, shelter, clothing, and transportation taken care of, everything else you're spending your money on is negotiable. Even within those basics, there may well be room to negotiate. For instance, could you hold on to your reliable, older-model car a bit longer, rather than trade it in for a newer one? And even then, would you consider buying a lease return or demonstration vehicle or other gently used, generally well-maintained car, rather than a fresh one straight off the lot?

The choices you make today will affect your family for years to come. Getting to the point where you can invest that $30 a month -- and staying there -- will help you take control of your financial life. It will also help teach a powerful life lesson to your children. One that -- when combined with the substantial nest egg you're helping them build -- will go a very long way toward helping them succeed.

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