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Develop a Budget and Live by It When it comes to finances, people generally fall into one of the four groups. Where do you fit in?

A budget allows you to:
  • Understand where your money goes.
  • Ensure you do not spend more than you make.
  • Find uses for your money that will increase your wealth.
To develop a budget, you need to:
View the sample budget developed from the information gathered above.

Using the sample budget as an example, track your income and expenses. Identify changes you can make to increase your income or decrease your expenses, and develop a new budget that includes more savings. Be sure to make reasonable budget changes that you can live with month to month.

To help you maintain the discipline to save:
  • Save every month.
  • Have savings automatically deducted from your paycheck or checking account.
  • Base your budget on what's left.
In other words, get on automatic pilot and stay there.

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