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Credit Management Used properly, credit is an excellent tool. Used carelessly, it will bury you. Follow these rules of credit management and you will no longer fear the thought of credit. Instead you will view it as a vehicle that will help you attain the goals you have for yourself.

Why Should I Check My Credit Report Regularly? - Do you know what creditors see when they check your credit report? Find out how important it is that you do!

What is Credit and How Does It Work? - Have you ever wondered what kind of information is in your credit report? Read this to learn about the credit reporting industry and how credit reports are compiled and maintained.

What is a Credit Score? - Almost unheard of 25 years ago, credit scores have come to play an increasingly important role in credit reporting. Read this to learn what scores mean and how they work for you.

How Do Major Life Events Impact My Credit? - Getting married, having children, buying a home. These and other life events can change the way you use your credit. Find out what you need to know about credit throughout your life.

How Should I Handle My Credit to Prepare for the Future? - Everyone knows a good credit rating is a valuable asset. Check out our tips for keeping yours in top shape.

How Can I Establish--or Rebuild--Good Credit? - Do you know what to do when you are ready to build a solid credit history? Our suggestions get you started.

What Are My Consumer Credit Rights? - The federal government has established important consumer protection laws to ensure you fair treatment as a credit-active consumer. Know your rights!

Why Should I Worry About Credit Fraud? - Credit fraud affects us all--even if our accounts remain untouched. Learn about the fraud that can take place without you even knowing it, and the steps you should take to protect yourself.

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